Wickes picks up sales

Wickes picks up sales

Wickes Picks up Sales


British home improvement and DIY store Wickes has seen a significant increase in sales over the past several months, buoyed by the nation’s renewed focus on home improvements due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Building extensions, sprucing up yards, and home renovations have all been popular activities in the wake of lockdowns, and Wickes has been the go-to destination for many in the UK looking to accomplish these types of projects.

Wickes Store Processes

As more shoppers flood to Wickes stores in search of DIY and home improvement goods, steps have been taken to ensure customers are able to access the products they need safely and efficiently. This includes implementing social distancing measures and additional hygiene protocols, limiting the number of people in store, and adding protections like floor markings and hand sanitiser stations. Customers can also book slots to visit stores and opt for contactless delivery of products whenever possible.

Popular Products

The pandemic has sparked an increase in demands for certain items which Wickes has been well positioned to provide. This includes items such as barbecue sets, gardening tools, lawn mowers, and patio furniture, as well as home improvement products like paint, tiles and flooring. The company has also launched a range of protective wear such as face masks and hand sanitizers to enable people to do their shopping in store safely.

Clearance Offers

In order to further encourage customers back into stores and attract new customers, Wickes has been offering regular clearance sales. These sales offer up to 50% off popular products and items that customers may not have considered in the past. This has been particularly helpful for those who are looking to save money while doing home improvements and DIY projects.

Wickes Kitchen Ranges

One of Wickes’s most popular product ranges has been its kitchen collections, which are available both in store and online. Customers can choose from an array of different kitchen styles, appliances, and accessories to find the look that suits them. The brand also offers a free design service and online advice from kitchen experts to help customers pick out the perfect kitchen.

Online Shopping Options

In addition to the in-store shopping experience, Wickes also offers a convenient online shopping experience. Here, customers can browse a wide range of products, order items and have them delivered to their door. For customers who like to make their purchases in store, Wickes has introduced a convenient ‘click and collect’ service which enables customers to order items online and then pick them up when they arrive in store.

Educational Resources

Recognising that not everyone may have the experience or confidence to have a go at DIY or home improvements, Wickes provides a range of online resources to help. This includes instructional videos, workshops and articles to help guide customers through their projects. The brand also offers advice from experts on products and materials to help customers find the perfect items for their projects.

Partnering with Tradespeople

Wickes has also partnered with local tradespeople to provide customers with a fuller range of home improvement and renovation services. This ranges from minor jobs such as fixing door frames, to major projects like complete renovations. By partnering with tradespeople, Wickes is able to offer customers more options, as well as provide assurance that jobs will be completed professionally and according to regulations.


The pandemic has created a surge in demand for DIY and home improvement items, and Wickes has been well positioned to take advantage of this. By introducing a range of services and offers, as well as improving its online and in store shopping experiences, Wickes has been able to cater to customers in need of DIY and home improvement items. In doing so, it has been able to pick up sales significantly and position itself as a leader in the home improvement market in the UK. Wickes, a UK home improvement retailer, has recently seen a huge upswing in sales thanks to an increased focus on home improvement projects during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Recent research suggests that people have turned to DIY and home improvement projects in lieu of travel and holidaying during the pandemic. This has resulted in more people spending their free time repainting walls and building furniture themselves, as well as purchasing materials such as tiles, wallpaper and flooring from Wickes stores.

The demand surge has been so strong that last month saw Wickes post its strongest financial quarter in a decade. The company reported a 10.3% year-on-year increase in sales, and an 8.7% increase in pre-tax profits, climaxing in a £417 million pound turnover.

Richard Hill, Chief Executive Officer, believes that recent investments in digital and e-commerce, as well as rolling out dedicated stores to supply trade and professional customers, are some of the factors that have contributed to this strong performance. In addition, Wickes have formed strategic partnerships with key manufacturer’s such as ToolStation to access more suppliers, and have revamped their services such as in-store advice to give customers the best possible experience.

Michael Hewson, chief economist at CMC Markets, predicts that this trend towards home improvement is unlikely to be undone when restrictions are lifted as people become accustomed to the convenience of creating their own space. This, alongside Wickes’ newfound success, could mean that the chain is on the brink of being a major competitor in the industry and could be in a strong position to build on its recent success.