Whartons Roses rings the changes

Whartons Roses rings the changes

Introducing Wharton’s Rose Rings the Changes

When the popular Wharton Rose rings the changes it brings together a unique combination of fresh flowers, new products and innovative designs. The iconic Scottish company has long been a go-to destination for anyone looking to make a stylish statement when sending flowers to someone special. Here we will take a closer look at why Wharton’s Roses is such a leader in the floral gift industry.

History of Wharton’s Rose Rings the Changes

Wharton’s Roses has been a family business since the early 18th century, bringing fresh flowers to customers in Scotland and beyond. The company is best known for its signature roses rings, beautifully crafted from precious metals and presented with charming accents like charms, charms, charms and charms. Wharton’s Roses also offers a wide range of other floral gifts, ranging from traditional bouquets and arrangements to customized designs, allowing customers to express their very own style.

The Wharton’s Roses Difference

The key to the success of Wharton’s Roses is its commitment to quality. Each and every rose ring is crafted with care and precision, and then hand-painted to bring out the natural beauty of the flower. Wharton’s Roses also takes great pride in using only the freshest and most beautiful specimens, which are sourced locally whenever possible. All of this ensures that every piece of jewelry that leaves the workshop is truly unique and beautiful.

Custom Design Service

Wharton’s Roses is also well known for its custom design service. Customers are invited to draw inspiration from the company’s vast range of original designs and come up with something truly special. Wharton’s Roses expert designers can then craft something perfectly tailored to the customer’s desires, whether it’s a subtle change to an existing design, something entirely new and exclusive, or a set of matching rings and charms.

Wharton’s Roses Care Guide

The beauty of a Wharton’s Roses ring should last a lifetime and the company has made sure of this by offering a helpful care guide. Customers are encouraged to keep their rings away from excessive heat and humidity, store them flat and place protective pads over them when stacking them with other rings. Following these easy steps will ensure that your Wharton’s Roses jewelry remains beautiful for many years to come.

Wharton’s Roses Community

Wharton’s Roses is proud to support a wide range of charitable, social and creative projects. Through initiatives like their Roses for Rainbows project, the company is able to bring the joy of the popular Wharton’s Roses rings to vulnerable children and adults all over the world. The company also sets aside a percentage of each sale to help fund local and global projects, ensuring that its products do more than just bring beauty and joy to its customers.

Wharton’s Roses for Special Occasions

Wharton’s Roses makes the perfect gift for anyone special in your life. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or Valentines Day, the company has something special for almost any occasion. With its vast selection of options, Wharton’s Roses is sure to have something that will delight and surprise your loved one.

Wharton’s Roses Awards

Wharton’s Roses has won a number of awards and accolades in the floral gift industry. These include the International Gift Bazaar Award and the Floral Design Excellency Award. The company is highly regarded by its peers and is a leader in its field, which is why customers can rest assured that they are getting the very best when they choose Wharton’s Roses.

Delivery and Returns

Wharton’s Roses offers free shipping on all orders over £50 and orders usually arrive within 3-5 business days. For customers who need the perfect gift in a hurry, express delivery is also available for an additional charge. Wharton’s Roses also offers a 30-day returns policy for all products, giving customers the peace of mind that their purchase is covered.


Wharton’s Roses rings the changes with its beauty and commitment to quality, customer service and charitable giving. With its stunning rose rings, custom design service, care guide and extensive collection of awards, it is easy to see why Wharton’s Roses remains a leader in the floral gift industry. With something to suit almost any occasion and budget, a Wharton’s Roses gift is sure to make an unforgettable impression. Whartons Roses Rings the Changes

For centuries, roses have been a symbol of beauty, love, and romance. Dubbed as the ‘queen of flowers’, roses are cherished for their beauty and Fragrance, making for the perfect gift for any occasion. Whartons Roses, one of the UK’s leading rose nurseries, is now revolutionizing the rose industry with its recent launch of the groundbreaking Rose Rings.

Unlike previous products on the market, the Rose Rings are something entirely unique. While they look and feel like traditional rose gold wedding bands, they are actually living roses that have been skillfully planted in a specially designed container. Once they bloom, they can be seen in their full glory, and guests can enjoy their sweet scent.

Wharton’s Roses have combined modern technology and traditional rose planting methods to ensure the Rose Rings reach their maximum lifespan and beauty. The rings are grown in an oxygen-rich and nutrient-rich soil, and are watered regularly. This ensures they remain looking fresh and last longer than other alternatives.

Rose Rings’ ephemeral beauty cannot be denied. The perfect combination of traditional roses with innovative rings and containers makes them ideal for wedding favors, Valentine’s Day gifts, and as a thoughtful gesture for any other occasion. The Rose Rings are available in two sizes – Small and Large – and are suitable for all budgets.

Whartons Roses have truly changed the game with their Rose Rings, creating something timeless and ultimately beautiful. With their innovative design, these rings are sure to impress, leaving a lasting memory with friends, family and lovers alike. Visit Whartons Roses today to choose the perfect Rose Ring for your next occasion.