New Leaf Plants signs up to exhibit for the 30th year for Four Oaks Trade Show 2023

New Leaf Plants signs up to exhibit for the 30th year for Four Oaks Trade Show 2023

New Leaf Plants Signs Up For 30th Year For Four Oaks Trade Show 2023


New Leaf Plants is excited to announce their participation in the Four Oaks Trade Show in 2023, which will mark their thirtieth year at the event. For over three decades, New Leaf Plants has proudly displayed their advanced nursery products and services to customers in the UK and beyond. With a complete range of horticulture solutions including garden furniture, soft-landscaping and growing media, they have become a trusted choice for both domestic and commercial customers.

30 Years Of History

New Leaf Plants was founded thirty years ago and today, is an established player in the horticultural industry. Over the years, the company has demonstrated its commitment to quality and customer service, going the extra mile for their customers with a personal yet professional approach. The company has won numerous awards in the past and continues to invest in the development of innovative products and efficient solutions for their customers.

What Makes New Leaf Plants Special?

New Leaf Plants offers a wide range of products and services to its customers. Their product range includes a wide variety of horticultural solutions and accessories, such as garden furniture, growing media and soft-landscaping solutions. All of the products are designed to meet the needs of both commercial and domestic customers, while also providing a robust level of quality and customer service.

Preparing For The Show

As New Leaf Plants prepares for the upcoming Four Oaks Trade Show, they have been busy getting ready with all of the necessary preparations. The company has a dedicated team of staff and designers who have been busy designing and producing a range of new products and displays to showcase at the exhibition. The team has also been undertaking extensive research into the latest trends and developments in the horticulture industry.

New Leaf Plants’ Exhibits

At the show, New Leaf Plants will be exhibiting a range of products and solutions from their extensive library. These include a variety of garden furniture, soft-landscaping and hard landscaping products that have been created in-house by the New Leaf Plants team. In addition, the company will be showcasing a range of educational and promotional literature in order to inform their customers of the innovative products and services they offer.

The Benefits Of Participating

Taking part in such a prestigious event such as the Four Oaks Trade Show offers New Leaf Plants several important benefits. For example, attending the show provides them with invaluable exposure to other industry professionals, as well as potential customers. This exposure helps the company gain more recognition and establish relationships with other industry players. Additionally, participating in the show allows the company to showcase the quality and range of their products and services in a professional setting.

New Leaf Plants’ Culture

New Leaf Plants focuses heavily on building a culture of growth and continuous improvement within the company. The company encourages a positive, open and creative atmosphere, motivating their team to implement new ideas and to think outside the box when it comes to design, innovation and customer service. This culture is instilled into all subsidiary companies and helps drive New Leaf Plants towards continued success.

Future Plans

The company has a number of exciting future plans in the pipeline. These include the development of a comprehensive online platform which will allow customers to purchase products online. In addition, the company is planning to expand its product range by creating specialised growing media which is designed to help keep plants strong and healthy. Furthermore, New Leaf Plants is currently exploring the feasibility of opening a new nursery, which would give customers the opportunity to purchase products from the comfort of their own home.

Company Commitment To Quality

New Leaf Plants is committed to providing the highest quality of service and products to its customers. The company places great emphasis on ensuring product quality and safety, as well as customer satisfaction. The company also regularly invests in new technologies in order to increase efficiency and productivity, while also attempting to reduce their environmental impact.


New Leaf Plants is proud to have signed up to exhibit at the Four Oaks Trade Show 2023, where they have been attending for the past 30 years. The company has built a reputation based on quality and service and continues to innovate and explore new areas in order to provide customers with the best products and solutions. New Leaf Plants’ commitment to providing the highest levels of quality and service remains unwavering, and they look forward to exhibiting at the Four Oaks Trade Show in 2023. New Leaf Plants has announced that they will be exhibiting yet again at the Four Oaks Trade Show next year, marking their 30th year participating in this prestigious event.

The Four Oaks Trade Show, held annually since 1991, has grown to become one of the most important industry events of its kind, regularly attracting visitors from around the world for a showcase of horticulture and garden retailers. New Leaf Plants has been a prominent exhibitor at the show since its debut in 1994, and the company’s presence has only grown in the last 30 years.

At this year’s event, New Leaf Plants will be showcasing their wide range of plants and solutions, with a unique focus on their brand-new range of innovative products such as their solar-powered vacuum cups, robotic weeders and automatic irrigation systems. Attendees of the Four Oaks Trade Show can look forward to receiving an exclusive promotional discount on many of these products, making this event even more attractive for garden retailers.

In addition to their main booth, New Leaf Plants will also be taking part in seminars where the company’s experts will be presenting their latest research and developments to an audience of experts in the horticulture and gardening industry. These eye-catching presentations will provide retailers and landscapers alike with insights into the ever-evolving world of plant care and technology.

New Leaf Plants is excited to be continuing its long-standing partnership with the Four Oaks Trade Show and is looking forward to bringing its unique innovations and products to this important industry event. The company is confident that visitors of the show will be inspired by the solutions they will get to see next year.