Linton Growing joins Driscoll’s Nursery network

Linton Growing joins Driscoll’s Nursery network

Driscoll’s Nursery Adds Linton Growing to Their Network

It is an exciting time for Linton Growing as well as Driscoll’s Nursery – the UK-based horticultural business just announced that it will be joining forces with Driscoll’s Nursery network. This connection combines two companies that each contribute unique and important insights to global horticulture, promising big things for the industry in the years ahead.

An Introduction to Linton Growing

Established in Kent County, England in 1952, Linton Growing is a family-run business that has been dedicated to providing quality bedding plants and shrubs to both trade and retail customers for over 65 years. With over 30 acres of nursery stock within their vast network of gardens, greenhouses & tunnels, Linton Growing is well-equipped to meet all of their customer’s needs.

Who Is Driscoll’s Nursery?

Driscoll’s Nursery is a national horticulture business that has been in operation since 1964. Specializing in both retail and wholesale plants, Driscoll’s Nursery is a prominent source for premium quality plants and planting products. The company is highly respected for its dedication to customer service and sustainability, making this new venture particularly exciting.

The Benefits of Joining the Driscoll’s Network

By joining Driscoll’s Nursery network, Linton Growing can now access a wide range of support. These include:

  • A more comprehensive selection of plants: Connec-ting with Driscoll’s Nursery will enable Linton Growing to access a much larger selection of plants, trees, shrubs, and other horticultural products.
  • Expert knowledge and resources: Driscoll’s Nursery has been in operation for over 50 years, meaning they have an immense amount of knowledge, experience, and resources to share with Linton Growing. This can be invaluable to a business, especially in this ever-evolving industry.
  • Access to new markets: This connection offers much more than just helpful resources – it also enables Linton Growing to access a much wider customer base. By being connected with the Driscoll’s network, the company can now provide its products and services to customers both locally and abroad.
    • The Impact of This Connections

      In addition to the vast array of benefits, this connection will also have a greater impact on the horticultural industry as a whole. By joining the Driscoll’s network, Linton Growing will be able to share valuable knowledge and insights that will benefit other market players, thus deepening the footprint of the industry and helping to ensure its sustainable growth.

      Leadership at Linton Growing

      This news comes as no surprise to those familiar with the leadership of Linton Growing. Under the direction of Michael and Lesley Linton, Linton Growing has successfully grown and developed its business over the decades, leading the way with their commitment to quality, customer service, and sustainability.

      The Future of Linton Growing

      This collaboration between Linton Growing and Driscoll’s Nursery is a pivotal moment for the horticulture industry. On top of gaining access to an immense array of resources, this also enables Linton Growing to become part of a larger community of horticultural experts, deepening their connection with customers as well as horticultural professionals. As a result, Linton Growing can now look ahead to a bright future with a much more comprehensive range of products and fitting in more seamlessly with the wider horticultural market.

      The Power of Technology

      Technology is also playing a large role in this new connection. Thanks to cloud-based services, both Linton Growing and Driscoll’s Nursery can now manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively, reducing operational costs, speeding up processes, and leveraging data to anticipate customer needs.

      A Commitment to Sustainability

      Not to be forgotten is the commitment to sustainability that both companies share. By joining forces, the two businesses can use their combined knowledge and resources to become more environmentally conscious, promoting its values of conservation, organic farming, and ethical work practices.

      The Big Leap for Linton Growing

      This relationship signals a major milestone for both companies and is a reflection of the positive changes happening in the horticulture industry. By joining Driscoll’s Nursery network, Linton Growing will have access to the expanded resources and expertise they need to continue to be a leader in the horticulture field and become a household name in everyone’s garden.


      The connection between Linton Growing and Driscoll’s Nursery offers exciting opportunities for both companies, as well as the horticulture industry as a whole. By leveraging their combined knowledge, resources, and technology, the two businesses can push towards new heights and foster sustainable growth. Ultimately, this relationship marks a big step for the two companies and has the potential to make a lasting impact on the horticulture industry. Today, Driscoll’s Nursery is proud to announce they have added Linton Growing to their network. Linton Growing is a provider of innovative fresh horticultural produce in Southern England, and the addition of their services will expand Driscoll’s Nursery’s own reach in that area.

      For the past five years, Linton Growing has collaborated with leading international companies to supply superior products, from a vast array of cut flowers and flowering shrubs to trees and hedging plants. Their team of horticultural professionals works to produce high-quality plant varieties for commercial production.

      Each year, worldwide, Driscoll’s Nursery distributes a wide range of products and services for the commercial market. Through its network of leading independent nurseries, including Linton Growing, Driscoll’s Nursery has been able to meet demand in the local area in a timely manner.

      The addition of Linton Growing to its nursery network increases Driscoll’s Nursery’s ability to provide customers with the consistent quality and service they are known for. Their products are of the highest standards and they ensure they are of a grade that meets the exact requirements of their customers.

      Driscoll’s Nursery is proud to welcome Linton Growing to their network and looks forward to continuing to provide the best quality horticultural products and services to its esteemed clients.