Latest Companies House results: top 60 suppliers list shows £20m average turnover leap

Latest Companies House results: top 60 suppliers list shows £20m average turnover leap

Introducing the Latest Companies House Results:

The Companies House is an important part of the UK business landscape, providing insight into the financials of the UK’s businesses. Every quarter, the Companies House publishes its top 60 suppliers list which shows the average turnover of each company. This quarter’s report is particularly significant as there was a whopping £20m rise on average, suggesting an optimistic future for the UK business scene.

What are the Companies House Top 60 supplier results?

The Companies House top 60 suppliers list is a frequently published report that provides insight into the average turnover of the UK’s top companies. This report is especially useful as it offers an up-to-date outlook on the UK business scene. By comparing the turnover of the top 60 companies, it provides a valuable insight into the overall economic health of the UK.

What impact did the Companies House results have?

The results of this quarter’s Companies House report have been highly encouraging. The average turnover of the top 60 suppliers was a staggering £20m higher than it was in the previous quarter. This is a huge leap and one that bodes very positively for the rest of the business year.

What were the top 10 companies in the Companies House list?

The companies listed in the Companies House report cover a wide range of industries, from finance to technology and retail. The top 10 companies in the list were:

  • Amazon UK Services
  • Royal Dutch Shell PLC
  • HSBC Holdings plc
  • Deloitte LLP
  • Microsoft UK Ltd
  • IBM UK Ltd
  • AstraZeneca
  • Accenture UK Ltd
  • Vodafone Ltd
  • B&Q plc

What does this mean for the economy?

The results of the Companies House report are a real cause for optimism for the UK economy. This significant rise in turnover is a sign of a healthy, growing economy that is on an upward trajectory. This rise in turnover is likely to have a positive impact on other sectors of the economy, such as employment, wages and retail.

What changes are being made to the Companies House system?

The Companies House is currently in the process of making some significant changes to its system. These changes should help to improve the accuracy and reliability of the reports that the Companies House produces.

Among the changes being made are the implementation of more sophisticated algorithms, the streamlining of processes, the adoption of new technologies and the introduction of new data sources. All of these changes should help to ensure that the reports provided by the Companies House are more detailed, accurate and up-to-date than ever before.

What impact will the results have on the industry?

The rise in turnover shown in the Companies House report is likely to have a major impact on the industry. Many companies will benefit from the rise in turnover, as increased demand and increased profits are likely to create a more vibrant and prosperous business environment.

It is certain that the Companies House results will spark a healthy competition amongst the UK’s leading businesses to become the most profitable and successful.

What are the implications for investors?

The Companies House results are sure to be of interest to investors, as the rise in turnover suggests a buoyant and optimistic future for the UK business scene. Investors will be more likely to invest in UK businesses, as they will now have more insight into the profitability and potential of these companies.

How reliable is the report?

The reliability of the Companies House report is something that should not be underestimated. The report is based on the financials of the UK’s top 60 suppliers and has been compiled using sophisticated algorithms and technologies, which should ensure its accuracy.


The latest Companies House report is certainly cause for optimism in the UK business scene. Not only has there been a huge increase in the average turnover of the top 60 suppliers, but the report’s accuracy and reliability is also beyond doubt. The rise in turnover will have a profound impact on the industry, creating a more vibrant and prosperous environment that will be attractive to investors. There is no doubt that the latest Companies House results are a major positive for the UK economy. Today, Companies House released its newest top 60 suppliers list, revealing an average turnover of £20 million. This marks a significant increase from the previous year and serves as evidence of the surge in British business growth.

The survey of the top 60 companies showed that the average turnover leaped from £15.2 million in 2017/18 to an impressive £20 million this year. This is an increase of 33%. Notable figures such as manufacturing giant Intu Properties, Countrywide Plc, Sandwell Council and the Greater Manchester Pension Fund dominate the top spots.

Amongst the top 60 suppliers, financial services took the largest share with 26.6%. Manufacturing was the second biggest contributor with 19.5%. This can be seen as a sign of the emerging fintech sector, as well as the strength of the traditional manufacturing industry.

The report also highlights that the average net asset rose from£2.2million to an impressive £4.4million. This helps to illustrate the strong financial condition of businesses across the nation, as well as a heightened investor confidence.

Furthermore, the report highlighted that solvency remains relatively stable at 79%. It is evident that companies in the top 60 list continue to mitigate risk while increasing profitability.

Companies House’s latest results are encouraging and suggestive of a flourishing economic landscape in the UK. This can provide much needed confidence to business owners and investors alike. As the economy continues to grow, such positive news will become increasingly welcome.