Foxes and Rabbits topiary designed by Agrumi for Daylesford

Foxes and Rabbits topiary designed by Agrumi for Daylesford

Agrumi’s Dynamic Foxes and Rabbits Topiary For Daylesford

In an effort to spruce up the sleepy town of Daylesford, one of Australia’s most-loved tourist destinations, the creative minds at Agrumi were tasked with creating something unique and eye-catching. They gave the town something special that it had never seen before – a foxes and rabbits topiary. This beautiful work of art is sure to be a hit with visitors and serves as a testament to the creativity and craftsmanship of the Agrumi team.

History of Agrumi

Agrumi is an Australian artist collective that has been creating unique works of art since 2002. The collective consists of a number of talented artists from various backgrounds, who collaborate to create art pieces from different materials. Commonly used materials include wood, metal and various found objects. Their portfolio of work covers a wide range of subjects, from abstract sculpture to modern design.

Perfectly Imaginative Topiary for Daylesford

Agrumi’s design for the Foxes and Rabbits Topiary is perfectly imaginative. The design features a series of intricate, intertwining foxes and rabbits in various poses. Each is modern and sleek, with silver accents to complement the natural landscape of Daylesford. The overall effect is one of dynamic balance, as the figures appear to be almost in motion.

Process of Creating the Topiary

Creating a topiary is no small feat. It requires a tough yet gentle touch. Agrumi explains their process as follows: “We craft and shape the figures out of metal and then use an epoxy to secure them in place. We then take the figures to their final shape and size. To give them a polished finish, we then dip them in an acrylic paint and seal the pieces with a polyurethane coating.”

Durability and Longevity

The combination of materials used in the Foxes and Rabbits topiary ensure durability and longevity, even in Australia’s variable weather conditions. Agrumi has worked hard to create a piece of art that can withstand the elements, meaning it will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Unique Design

The Foxes and Rabbits Topiary is a truly unique design. It has been crafted with an upbeat, contemporary feel, guaranteed to make passersby smile. But more than that, it is an homage to Australia’s native wildlife. The shapes and movements of the foxes and rabbits work together to create a fun and whimsical display, sure to delight visitors of all ages.

Distinctive Finishes

Agrumi has put a great deal of attention into the finishing of the piece. The silver accents give a modern, sophisticated look while the polyurethane coating protects the topiary from the elements. They also took into consideration the effect the foxes and rabbits have on the surrounding landscape. The epoxy used to secure the figures in place means that they are firmly planted, without disrupting the existing flora.

Serving as an Inspiration

The foxes and rabbits topiary is not merely an artwork, it is a symbol. The craftsmanship, durability and longevity of the design are inspiring. It serves as an example of the work of art that can be achieved through careful planning and meticulous execution.

An Interesting Conversation Piece

The Foxes and Rabbits topiary is sure to be a talking point for visitors and locals alike. People are drawn to its intricate design, which is sure to enthrall people of all ages. It also serves to bring attention to the unique charm of Daylesford, a place that has been long adored by locals and tourists alike.

A Gratifying Addition To Daylesford

It is satisfying to see the town of Daylesford receive such a beautiful addition. The Foxes and Rabbits Topiary is a stunning work of art that adds to the town’s eclectic charm. Agrumi’s team of talented artists have created a fitting tribute to Australia’s native wildlife and a unique display that will have people talking for years to come.


Agrumi’s Foxes and Rabbits Topiary for Daylesford is a delightful addition to the town. The beautiful piece puts the creativity, craftsmanship and attention to detail of the Agrumi team on full display. The topiary is sure to be appreciated by visitors and locals alike. Indeed, it is a piece of art that will be forever admired.