About Us

Hi everyone, I’m Arran Strickland and I’m passionate about gardening and landscaping. I’ve been in the garden game for the past 15 years and am always looking for new ways to improve my garden. As a lover of gardening books and magazines, I love to share my knowledge with other gardeners. My blog is all about helping you create beautiful outdoor spaces that are easy to maintain with advice on gardening, landscaping, outdoor design and more.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, you’ll find something useful in my posts. So explore the site, take in the tips and follow my journey as I keep up with the latest trends in gardening.

My Gardening Experience

I have been gardening for over 15 years now and have picked up many techniques along the way. From traditional planting methods to modern landscaping techniques, I have seen it all. During this time I have developed a deep understanding of how plants work together in harmony and how they can be used to create an attractive outdoor space.

I enjoy tackling complex problems when it comes to gardening, such as finding ways to maximize limited space or finding solutions for areas with difficult soil conditions. No matter what kind of garden or landscape project you’re working on, chances are that I’ve seen it before and can provide helpful advice.

My Blog

On this blog you will find lots of practical tips on gardening, landscaping and outdoor design from me – Arran Strickland. My posts are designed to help both beginners and experienced gardeners alike take their outdoor spaces to the next level with easy-to-follow advice. In addition to providing helpful information on various topics related to gardening, I also like to share photos of my own projects so that readers can get an idea of what’s possible.

So come along on this journey with me as we explore everything there is to know about gardens and landscapes! Thanks again for visiting my blog – happy gardening!