30MHz makes a restart within Sobolt Group

30MHz makes a restart within Sobolt Group

30MHz Makes a Restart within Sobolt Group

In recent months, 30MHz has taken a big step forward in the industrial space as part of Sobolt Group, a leading engineering & automation company based in Europe. The collaboration between the two groups is an exciting endeavor that has already begun to reap rewards in the form of improved efficiency and optimized process automation. Here, we take a look at what the rest of the year will hold in terms of the changes 30MHz is bringing to the Sobolt Group.

1. Establishing a Comprehensive Automation Network

The first step of the collaboration between 30MHz and Sobolt Group is to establish a comprehensive automation network. This network will bring together wireless sensing technology, data processing, and machine learning, to provide an automated and integrated platform. This platform will expedite the process of producing high quality products and streamline customer service and order fulfillment. The automation network is essential for ensuring that Sobolt Group meets the ever-changing customer demands of the industrial space.

2. Increased Production Efficiency from Machine Learning

The next initiative of 30MHz within the Sobolt Group is the use of machine learning to increase production efficiency. Machine learning will enable Sobolt Group to quickly analyze customer trends, manage inventory, and optimize production. This advanced technology offers Sobolt the capacity to automate processes, identify bottlenecks, and maximize profits. Additionally, machine learning will give Sobolt Group industry-leading accuracy and speedy response times for customer service.

3. Optimized Automation for More Efficient Processes

The third initiative of 30MHz is to optimize the automation of Sobolt Group’s processes. To enable this endeavor, 30MHz has developed a range of smart sensors, ranging from temperature and pressure to flow and optical. Sensors are critical components of the automation system, and by leveraging the latest technologies and understanding the nuances of the industrial applications, 30MHz is able to provide Sobolt Group with the most innovative and efficient solutions.

4. Software and Analytics Solutions

30MHz is also providing Sobolt Group with a suite of software solutions. This includes analytics tools and applications to help visualize data and spot inefficiencies, artificial intelligence solutions to automate processes, and machine learning to assist with decision making. 30MHz understands the technological challenges of the industrial space, and is committed to providing customized solutions that meet the needs of Sobolt Group and its customers.

5. Improved Safety with Automation

One of the key benefits of the automation solutions offered by 30MHz and Sobolt Group is improved safety. Automated systems and sensors are capable of monitoring the production processes and alerting both personnel and supervisors in the event of any safety concerns or personnel errors. This increased safety helps minimize risks and enables quick resolution of issues, ensuring a safe and compliant environment for all personnel.

6. Cybersecurity Measures for Safety and Security

In addition to enhanced safety measures, 30MHz and Sobolt Group have developed enhanced cybersecurity measures. This includes secure encryption protocols and two-factor authentication to ensure that confidential data remains private and secure. Additionally, 30MHz provides solutions such as threat detection to identify any suspicious networks or devices, and firewall and intrusion prevention systems to stop any malicious attacks.

7. Accelerating the Speed of Innovation

With the establishment of the automated platform and new technologies, 30MHz is helping to accelerate the speed of innovation for Sobolt Group. This means reduced development times for products, faster customer service response times, and improved resource optimization. The end result is that Sobolt Group will be able to provide more services to customers in less time with greater accuracy.

8. Customer-Centric Solutions

Another key aspect of Sobolt Group and 30MHz’s collaboration is to develop customer-centric solutions. Through the automation network, 30MHz will be able to collect data and analyze customer trends. This data will be used to create tailored solutions that specifically meet customer needs and preferences. Additionally, 30MHz will help Sobolt Group provide real-time customer queries and provide more accurate responses.

9. Building a Portal for Easy Accessibility

Lastly, 30MHz and Sobolt Group are looking to create a unified platform to make it easier for customers to access their services. This platform will give customers easier access to their data and order information, as well as allow them to manage their purchases and receive relevant updates quickly. In addition, the platform will contain a wealth of resources, such as product guides and tutorials, to help customers make the most of their experience.

10. The Benefits of the Collaboration

30MHz and Sobolt Group’s collaboration is a perfect union of expertise and technology. By combining some of the latest automation technologies with a commitment to customer service, Sobolt Group will be able to unlock the full potential of their industrial space. The collaboration between the two groups is already benefiting both the customer and the organization, and is set to bring even more advantages in the months ahead.


30MHz and Sobolt Group’s recent collaboration has enabled the two organizations to achieve meaningful and lasting improvements. With the establishment of an automated network, integration of machine learning, enhanced safety features, customer-centric solutions, and a unified platform, Sobolt Group is now well-positioned to provide an even better service experience to its customer base. Moving forward, both groups will continue to take advantage of this new partnership to bring innovation and cost-effective solutions to the industrial space.

Sobolt Group has announced that it is undertaking a major restructuring process, which includes a restart for the 30MHz platform. This initiative is the result of the company’s decision to focus more on sustainability, performance and scalability.

As part of this restructure, 30MHz, a pioneering software platform that provides building-level environmental data and analytics, will become the central pillar of Sobolt Group’s offering. The platform has already been adopted by several customers in the Netherlands, with more than 22,000 buildings currently connected.

30MHz’s main aim is to provide customers with individualized energy insights and control, to help them reduce their energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The platform is designed to detect anomalies, automatically diagnose components and adjust building automation to realize maximum efficiency output.

Sobolt Group believes that this restart will help the company in taking full advantage of the potential of 30MHz, whilst contributing to its long-term organizational objectives.

This move is part of efforts by Sobolt Group to create a stronger presence in the European and US markets. The company also intends to use data-driven technologies to better understand customers’ needs and develop new services through a series of product integrations.

Ultimately, the aim is to continue transforming the indoor living and working environments, thanks to the innovative data-driven solutions provided by the 30MHz platform. By leveraging 30MHz’s insight and control, Sobolt Group expects to build a more sustainable, healthier and more productive future.